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Welcome to the home of WAZA FC Ithaca.


“Waza” is Japanese word that means technique. Started in Michigan in 1993,  WAZA FC combines fitness training, tactical and skills development, the power of positive thinking, and knowledge of the game, to develop young players who can compete at the highest levels.


The WAZA philosophy is based on the concept of inclusion, support, opportunity and perseverance. WAZA players are expected to exude a willingness to accept challenges presented in attaining individual and team success. While the WAZA player develops their soccer experiences on the field, moments of personal growth are revealed through intense training and appropriate levels of competition. Self-confidence, resiliency, grit, self-discipline and commitment are developed in each of our players through their daily training and game experiences.  This pushes players to grow not only on the field, but in their daily lives.

Focused On Developing Today's Youth Soccer Players
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